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Before your Wax Session

You did it! Your co-workers, friends, or hair stylist finally convinced you to try a Brazilian wax! So, you've made your appointment, what's next? Here are some tips to help you prepare for your wax to make this the best experience for you

  1. Your body is normal! This is my job, I do this everyday. You're in great hands!

  2. Grow your hair to the length of an eyelash (14-21 Days) Hair too short can not be removed

  3. Schedule your wax 4 days before your event or vacation

  4. Take a shower before our appointment. It opens your pores for a better wax and you'll feel less self conscious. We also have wipes available at the suite to freshen up before your appointment

  5. Yes, you have to take off your underwear

  6. Exfoliate 1-2 Days before your wax

  7. Yes, you can get waxed on your period but you may feel more sensitive

  8. DO NOT WORK OUT OR SPORT BEFORE WAX. Sweat stops the wax from adhering properly. The friction from your workout can also cause sensitivity to wax

  9. Do not go into the tanning bed 7 days before wax

  10. If you enjoyed your service, don't forget to thank your technician with a tip. We accept cash and card gratuities 

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