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Before your Lash Session

Follow these instructions to ensure that you have the best eyelash and lash tinting/lift experience. If you have any questions before your appointment make sure to send us a text, and I'll get to you quickly

  1. Arrive to your session with no makeup or mascara. This also includes lash tinting and lash lifting services.

  2. Minimize allergy concerns. If you are sensitive to seasonal allergies take medicine before your session

  3. Remove your contact lenses prior to your session

  4. Avoid caffeine before your session. Jittery eyes are hard to lash and you may not be able to receive as full of a set.

  5. Talking during your eyelash extensions is a big no-no. Bring your headphones if you'd like

  6. Note the application time is 70 minutes for a full set

  7. You will be required to sign an Eyelash Consent Form before your lash session. This is when we will decide which lash shape suits your face and eye shape the best

  8. Your cellphone is expected to be turned off or on silent during your lash session. This is your time to relax, enjoy a lash nap!

NOTE: Nervous about allergies? Not only do I use medical grade adhesive, I also offer a worry free lash patch test. This service is complimentary, whether you decide to get lashes or not! The adhesive is placed behind you ear.


  • Watery eyes

  • Any eye surgery within the past 6 months

  • Recent eye infection

  • Contacts MUST be removed

  • Skin conditions around the eye

  • Lashes must be atleast 4mm to lash

  • Allergies or sensitivity to acrylic nails

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